"I think that sharing dreams is interesting... The more details you can add while sharing the experience, the more interesting it will be... When I was very young, I went through my older dreams with a highlighter, selecting the experiences which actually ended up happening... It was strange, each page had a bit of yellow on it when I was through. Never take these experiences your mind allows you for granted... and never take them too seriously."


©2001 david mulhern

David Mulhern
Born: Prince of Whales, Alaska
Lost Dreamer Since: 1993
Favorite Dream: the island
First Recorded Dream

Regarding Locations
"My dreams seem to take place mostly around Estes Park, Colorado. It's the mountains... Frequently the mountains seem to show up in the background... or I'm running towards them... or I need to show them to someone."

Regarding Subjects
"It seems that a lot of my dreams revolve around trying to capture something. And what's interesting is, in the dream I never do. It's this impossible attempt to capture something. I guess that sort of sounds like my life really..."


- washing the bridge
"I showed him where the shampoo was. He thought it was toothpaste."

- skating the freeway
"I remember as we neared the entrance to the freeway how I got a bit nervous. I didn't think I'd be able to keep up with all the cars on a skateboard."

- visiting america
"Deep inside the shadows of the taco shell I could almost make out a human face."

snippets of memories II
"It won't stop burning. It hurts so bad.... It's pulsating on my skin. The water doesn't help. The pain increases... burning. Nothing can stop it."

"And we talked. I was a bit frightened by the fact he wanted to kill me. I was trying to think of ways to talk him out of it."

lost dream
"The tooth breaks into pieces. Two of them fall into my hand. One falls to the ground. Lost in the pebbles and the water."

snippets of memories
"the pilot took a vote... and we decided to land. the plane lay on the ground burning."

"I was worried because he may have forgotten that we had to kill Molly."

"I was worried because he may have forgotten that we had to kill Molly."

"In the place I had last used the bag was a huge wall covered in snails, left behind from the magic."

"And I moved my eyes really fast just to trip him out. He was like, wow, you move your eyes really fast... "

robot girl
"She seemed to have strange scars and burns on the back of her legs. Why would they paint something like that on a robot? "

stealing a million
"I was in trouble for stealing the million dollars. I had $200,000 in my room. And the pills."

game play
"The game was a giant grid of boards. "

the sermon
"I asked him if it was time. I looked at the clock on the wall. It was 11:00. The people in the front row looked so angry."

game shows
"The walls started closing in. Everyone running and screaming."

red line
"The walls started closing in. Everyone running and screaming."

tinsel and rocks
"She was throwing tinsel slowly... she threw some at me. I realized she had glued rocks to the tinsel... it was some sort of a trick."

balcony, the future
"There is this beautiful breeze and the clouds are beyond explanation. There were amazing."

"Jen drinks from a container, but I tell her not to swallow. She spits out the bleach. I can taste it in my mouth."

my sister
"The moment the bird caught the sun it started flying. We grabbed onto its legs as it flew away."

"I start running... I call her back. No one answers. I start running for the door."

"I felt uncomfortable. I felt they would steal from us. Or kill us."

" She showed her dead self to the man, proving she had killed the people inside the room."

" I was a black woman at this point. And I was pretending I was their god."

the little tugboat
"On a small rectangular desk in front of us was a tiny white boat. It looked like a little tugboat."

"It felt so comfortable and interesting analyzing what had happened. It was so interesting."

living the future
"I get excited because I am about to experience Phoenix in the distant future. It is an amazing gift."

the projection room of the world
"One of girls is looking at me, calmly, and she smiles, and she says: 'Do not look into my eyes if you are going to die. It isnít polite.' So I look away."



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enhanced dream test
This is only a test. I'm testing the enhanced dreams. Ignore this...

"Huge silhouettes falling silently in the distance. I looked at someone and mentioned that this was the end."

the silo
"If I continued falling I would hit the ground and die, if I grabbed on to something I would suffocate."

"i jumped down, and slammed his face into the bottom of the pool. she kind of smiled, and walked off."

fuzzy sweater
"I walked down into the parking lot, and I picked up my car. I carried it down the street a little bit."

the balloon ride
"I realized how beautiful the world really was from up here so high. I couldn't believe there was a time I could have shied away from this beauty."

the empty pool
"I was kind of tripped out that I was in an underground convention hall in the middle of the desert disguised as a swimming pool, but I continued on..."

file 379
"The hatch opened and I went out into the night. I knew I was trying to save someone in the future. I had to retrieve something."

"I stared at her through the windows, watching her look for me, watching her care about me, and I felt disgusted or embarrassed."

a silent perfect film
"I flew through these suburbs. Over the gates of their houses and into their lives. Through their lives. I could see through them..."

angel hair
"On the vast plateau, there was a beautiful view of the towering mountains. A small table was in the center of it."

the fork
"He was worried that he would get in trouble for breaking the windows, but I assured him that there were no windows to break..."

running in the snow
"I start running. I'm heading towards the mountains on a road. The mountains are so beautiful. I want Jen to see them."

the view
"I knew she was lying. But I didn't care. The view was so amazing."

bionic heart
"The pine trees were around us and the dust flew up as we ran in a circle. The world was blurred and lacking saturation like a photograph."

the gate
"We came to a huge ornate golden gate that hadn't been there before. The gates opened. I knew they shouldn't have. We went in."

the island
"I could see the light of day peeking through the crack down the middle of the blood red curtains as they swayed with the light breeze... We were free."

the airplane
"The nervous feeling I usually felt while flying slowly faded away into the spacious rooms with comfortable couches and big screen TV's."

"The beauty of the mountains overwhelm me. I'm dizzy with awe. So green."

the girl on the train
"She turned around and I took a picture and I remember the way the moment was stopped in the flash and how perfect she looked. That moment was mine."