"This was strange. So many dreams. I just kept waking up and grabbing the recorder from instinct. I can hardly remember some of these. It was a long Saturday morning's worth of dreams...." David Mulhern

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2001 david mulhern



Awake... My arm is burning... I was mixing chemicals... I think back on what just happened.

I decided to let them in on our secret. I'm drawing. Creating a web site. I lead them down stairs. We end up in a small room. A basement.

I tell them, "This room is the source of the world."

I show them a line that goes around the room, drawn on the wall. "That line..." I say, "the world."

"English," I say, "English has existed since the beginning of time. And the beginning of time wasn't that long ago."

And I'm going to show them more and more interesting things. And I start to mix chemicals. Sodium chloride and something unknown. Something purple. And they begin to interact.

I pour it into a paper towel. Some gets on me. I look at my arm. It's bubbling and burning it hurts so bad.

While I'm washing it under water someone says it will burn like that for the next thousand years. I'm terrified. It won't stop burning. It hurts so bad.... It's pulsating on my skin. The water doesn't help. The pain increases... burning. Nothing can stop it.

Not even an ambulance.


I'm at school. My parents are dropping me off. I forgot my shoes. Then I realized it. It was the third time I'd done this. They came back and picked me up.


Our house just kept rocking back and forth. I was just trying to find balance. I was listening to music. It was so loud. My dad wanted me to turn it off.

I was trying to color in a drawing with colored pencils that I was fixing for a girl. A picture I had ruined. I was trying to fix the hand of character.


and then driving, almost like watching a movie and being in it at the same time. It seemed like natural born killers. The ending.

Outside of our car, the sky was blue. We were on the highway. Between New Mexico and Arizona. The hills passed by.

I was in the back of the car. I was a girl. I had wings.

The girl in the front was holding a pencil and looking at me. I was touching my ear.

The girl in the front wanted to stab me in the temple with the pencil.

The dome light kept going on and off and the girl decided not to stab me as a result. She thought it was a sign.

"But your eyes! I thought your eyes are red!" She yelled at me.

"They were, I bought eye drops." I replied quietly.

"Careful," she said, "Someone's gonna' rape you with wings like that."


Shopping. Shopping with a girl... at a mall. Looking for shirts. The building was shaking. It was a restaurant. I asked if this was an earthquake.

"No, this building just shakes." she said.

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Date: 07.07.01

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