A true and honest raw look at dreaming. Lance is one of the best posters... Some of the my favorite dreams can be found here. Look through them and see if they click with you too. 


2001 david mulhern

Lance Turk
Lost Dreamer Since: 2001



--me and my big head
"I looked up to thank her and walk away, but was taken aback by how much makeup the girl was wearing. She looked like a 9 year old whore..."

--korny gym class
"They stopped kissing, then my friend turned over so he was lying on his back again. So the whole class, including myself, flipped around and laid on our backs."

--chicks by the boat
"I got in the water and I began to feel her up from behind. She didn't have any problem with me groping her for a few minutes."

-nukes away
"The sounds of a massive explosion roared through the air. I could see the flames all around me. I thought to myself it had to be a nuclear explosion."

-impossible task
"So I was sitting alone in my living room thinking about this assignment. That's when I looked down at my living room table and noticed several bag of jelly beans."

-murder and mentos
"I picked up a roll of Mentos from the candy counter and made the pose. A big smile of recognition passed on everyone's face..."

-demons in my school
"I was trapped in a dungeon ruled by demons. The leader was a skeleton with golden armor."

-dream girl, part II
"I tried to strike up a conversation with her, but she kept ignoring me and made it obvious that she was trying to be with her friends."

-dream girl, part I
"I looked deep into her face, then did something completely out of character for me. I went in and kissed her."

-important announcement
"He looked very sad and said, "I'm sorry folks. We're out of air. The population has gotten too big and we're going to run out of air in the next few weeks."

-psychic connection
"I found out that the guy from my classes was also out the previous month. During the exact night of my dream he had a sports related accident and was hospitalized..."

-baby bbq
"I looked up to the barbecue again and saw my cousin was back up there dancing into the fire again. This time when I yelled out, the adults did nothing..."

-tall bridge
"I then looked over the side of the bridge and noticed that I was miles off the ground. And the bridge was even steeper than I imagined. Kind of like I was sitting on top of the St. Louis Arch..."

-my flying dream
"I remember that it wasn't so much of a Superman type of flight as it was kicking my legs as if I was swimming in the air."

-hidden drew carey episode
"The car floods with water and everything goes silent."

-as a starter
"...I wanted to bring my cat to school. I spent a while holding her in my arms and trying to get her into my car."

-peer pressure explosions
"I stood behind a tree watching the rest of the guys. They started dumping rusty machine parts over the edge."

-virgin sex
"I thought to myself, 'I wonder if she's a virgin.' I looked down and blood was gushing out all over the place."