"Damn. Even in my dreams I hate typical Hollywood bull. Although I strangely still want to see it. I know I had this dream during the winter of my senior year. This is one of the 2 most lucid dreams I have ever had." Lance Turk

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2001 david mulhern



A lot of stuff happened early on in the dream that I have forgotten. Bad, evil, nasty stuff. Probably best left forgotten. But there are things I KNEW were going on so I have to share them first. 

I was trapped in a dungeon ruled by demons. The leader was a skeleton with golden armor. His golden helmet had the ability to control a great winged demon (I think the winged demon's name was something like Artemis or Aramus.) I had finally escaped the dungeon and the many corpses behind.

I was climbing up a staircase and came upon a small room. Inside of it was the skeleton's armor hung on a rack with the helmet sitting on top. I thought it was a lucky break and my chance to get out of the situation alive. I tried to get into the armor, but my hands were bound behind my back. Since my arms were pinned, I couldn't get the armor on all the way. I decided to ditch the armor and put on the helmet. Since I couldn't use my arms, I had to ram myself head first into it.

As soon as I got the helmet on, I ran up to the top of the staircase. I found myself in the outside hallway of my old elementary school. I also found myself surrounded by all the demons. They were pissed.

I took advantage of the helmet and called the winged demon to help me. He shot through the ground and started to kick the crap out of the demon army. But it wasn't enough, the army was gaining ground and I felt like I was in danger. I called out to the demon to "Get me out of here alive!" So, he picked me up and flew me out of the school.

We soared high up into the air. Back down below the main demon said, "Don't worry. Artemis/Aramus is a creature of the night." Next thing I know, the winged demon breaks through the clouds and the sunlight hits it. He immediately evaporates and I start falling to the ground. Actually not all of him evaporated. A talon on the wing broke off and fell to the ground. The talon was more like a spear though. And it landed spearhead up.

I saw this and thought to myself, "Now this is lame. I'm just going to fall onto the spear like every other movie." For some reason it was like I was watching a movie at this point. I was still miles off the ground so I shut my eyes. I counted to 5 then opened them again. I was 10 feet off the ground and a little bit left of the spear.

I slammed onto the ground missing the spear by a few feet. I wasn't dead, but I was disappointed. I thought, "why bother setting up a scene like that, if you're not going to get impaled?"

I woke up right then and I felt completely exhilarated. I was ready to take on the world that day. Of course that feeling left after 5 minutes...

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Date: 1993-1994

me and a demon army

Locations: my old elementary school

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