"I have NEVER died in my dreams. I've fallen from deathly heights. Been shot in the head (now the stomach). I've been stabbed, and even eaten whole, but I have never died..."


2001 david mulhern

Jake Yanes
Lost Dreamer Since: 2001

Regarding Subjects
I feel that perhaps my fear of death is so present in my subconscious, that I won't allow myself to die in my dreams. Maybe it reveals a false sense of immortality within me.


--diamonds are forever... luke.
"The last thing I remember is jumping on top of them and kicking them in the head before I woke up......."

"As I searched around for my family, I kept crossing the path of the two girls, who seemed to be having a lot more fun without me."

-the jacob yanes choir
"After the first verse, the whole store errupts into the chorus and all of the sudden I'm leading the whole place in song.."

-canon of blaylock
"My friend Greg is with me and we are hear to comfort the parents and family of a friend of ours who just died."

-hawks and anacondas
"Like lightning the thing attaches it's whole head to my left forearm, sinking it's teeth into my flesh. I feel no pain, but I'm scared to death."

He says, "We all know kingdom is dead. So go back and tell the guys there will be no third episode."

-mirror of time
"He knows who I am. He doesn't even have to ask. And I know it's him... I have no doubt."

-lost in my head
"Immediately, my mind begins to scramble to figure out my class schedule. Images appear of different classes and teachers throughout my high school years..."

-the made man
"The gun goes off and I feel the bullet hit my stomach. There was no pain, but it felt as if I had lost my stomach."

-stupid stupid stupid
" come across Kevin Spacey and try to strike up a conversation..."

-even steven
"It is Steven Segal. Not your neighbor down the street Steven Segal, but the actual martial artist/bad actor Steven Segal."


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