"This dream was lame and I didn't enjoy it at all. It's very hazy and hopefully in the future thing will become clearer to me. Until then......."  Jake Yanes

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2001 david mulhern



.....It was a huge carnival and I was attending it with my family. I don't know where it was located, but I know it seemed a lot bigger than it actually was. One of my ex-girlfriends was also with us and she had brought along a friend as well. I don't know if we were 'together', or just friends. 

We (the girls and I) start walking around the carnival looking at different places and people. For some reason we end up parting. I don't think any dialogue took place, but I got the feeling it wasn't on good terms. I ignored the girls as they went off on their own, and I began looking for my family. 

I went down-hill from the main are and came across a concession stand that sold fried bread or something. I ended up in an argument with the vendor and he and another man chased me back to the main area of the carnival. 

As I searched around for my family, I kept crossing the path of the two girls, who seemed to be having a lot more fun without me. They kind of gave me snooty looks, but I ignored them as much as possible, and went on my way. 

I came across this 'mountainous exhibit' and somehow became the piece of a crazy mountain pinball game. From here the dream gets blurry.......

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Date: 07.26.01

a crappy carnival
Characters: My family, Jennifer Baccus and her friend, and me.


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