These dreams will move you. As you read, try and experience them as if it was your memory. In "hangman", face death. In "the day..." listen to the child's warning... In "playing basketball..." make sure not to look at the ceiling. Check this area for more to dreams in the future... Most fascinating is the words that are spoken in these dreams. The conversations...


©2001 david mulhern

Lost Dreamer Since: 2001



-chocolate covered candles
"As the door swung back, Gary Coleman was standing there Watchyoutalkingabout, Willis? pulling my arm insisting that we leave."

-bumper cars
"I was pissed because I’d totaled my new car. I looked at it, picked it up, and flipped it over."

-stereos for the power rangers
I was afraid to go by myself, so I asked one of the 'power rangers' to walk me, and he told me to get a life. I said "You're the one who dresses like a POWER RANGER, and I should get a life. That's irony"

-finally lucid
I looked at him and said “OH YEAH! I’ve had this dream before! Now I remember” he said, “Dream?”

-water parks and umbrellas
"I told her to watch me.. I closed my eyes really tight and raised my arms, and tried to levitate myself...."

-rockets, wagons and toys
"Suddenly, there was a ramp that we went up. We ran up the ramp, and were in the cockpit of a rocket. We strapped in, and my sis pushed the ignition buttons, and we blasted off..."

"I was part of a group of people who were scheduled to be hanged..."

-alice in high school
"She handed me the pitcher, and said "put that ice in that bag." I started to remove the top of the pitcher and she SCREAMED at me. JUST THE ICE!!!"

-bath robes and wedding dresses
"My ex was walking toward me, and I told him I couldn't find my keys, he said he knew why, and dangled them in my face..."

-playing basketball at the supermarket
"...there were skylights on the ceiling, and when I looked at them, there were faces peering down at me..."

-the day my apartment changed
"Then there was a woman at the door with a little boy hugging her legs. I looked over and saw that it was a kid I used to baby-sit..."

-sounds fishy to me
"I told him "You made him cry, you need to apologize" So, he leaned over and said "Sorry, Charlie." and I told him "That's not Charlie - Charlie's the dog..."