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©2001 david mulhern



I was driving down the street with Steve, and he said ‘Look over there - Stop. Everyone’s already there.” So, we went down the embankment to a little shack that was set off from the road, I remember walking over hills of dirt that had fresh motorcycle tracks in them. I remember also, that Steve was in full riding gear – green/black leathers, and a green/yellow helmet. We walked in the door, and people looked at me like I had three heads.

The room was perfectly white, and there was a white couch pressed up against the right side wall. Steve sat down on the arm of it, pulled up the cushions and said, “OK, where's he keep the porn …Oh, here we go…The married couple’s game.” It was some old board game, that had Chinese comics drawn on it. I looked at him and laughed. “Like either of US will ever get married!”

Next thing I know, there are a bunch of people I don’t recognize who are saying, ‘Come on let’s go… We are going to play the whisper game.” and they start pointing people out. ‘you go there, okay - you - over there. ‘ It made no sense. 

I ended up in a room on a king size bed that was three times too big, with two people I don’t know. A guy and a girl.

I never saw him, he was under the covers in fetal position, and she was leaning against his back. She asked me if I was comfortable, I said yes (I was laying on the very edge of the bed). 

Then she asked where ‘my old man’ was and I assured her he’d be right back. She goes, “OK – that’s good cuz when you are in the mood to lay on someone the best person for the job is yer ol’ man”

Then I was at a dinner table with the same people as above. In the dream, I remember being told that they are relatives, but no one knew from whose side of the family. 

Dinner was over, and I was standing in the ‘kitchen’ (as it only had 2 sinks on a 90 degree counter – one on each wall) No appliances… and this guy says I bet they’re only gonna talk while they settle this case. As soon as that’s done, they’ll stop talking again. 

I looked at him and said “OH YEAH! I’ve had this dream before! Now I remember” he said, “Dream?”

“Yeah – I’ve been here before, it was laid out differently, though. There was a window over here (and I walked to a wall, and outlined where the window was, and A WINDOW APPEARED!!!!!) , and this is where Wendy cut her foot, and I laughed at her.

Next thing I know I am in a car with my little sister and she says ‘we’re gonna have to do that again soon.. that was weird” and I woke up.

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Date: 7.14 & 15.01

Characters: steve, wendy, and others I don't remember

Locations: Dale Mabry Hwy.

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