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2001 david mulhern



We were traveling on horse back through an enchanted forest. I was a peasant girl who had discovered this magical urn, and the king insisted that I bring it to him personally, because he wanted to question me about everything concerning this urn. One of his Guard was sent to bring me back. So we have to go through this enchanted forest, and I'm afraid, so the guard puts me on his horse in front of him, and ties my horse to his and off we go.

Midway through the forest, we are attacked by trolls and they forced us into their camp, but when we got there, and they saw that we had the urn they let us go because they were afraid of it. So we go on our way.. and we come to this clearing, and there is this beautiful voice singing this song...

The guard said said, "Don't listen to the song! " but I think it was too late because I started taking off my clothes and I slid off the horse and he was trying to stop me.. and then I was naked and he said, "We have to make love or you will die..." and I said "no.." 

but he picked me up and laid me on the ground, and... he didn't force himself on me, but he did and somehow, I knew that no matter what.. we wouldn't ever be able to leave that clearing, and I was kissing him...

and the alarm went off.

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Date: 07.23.01

Characters: myself and a man

Locations: an enchanted forest

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