"I really think that this dream had something to do with the other dreams that I had in the past about boats, water, and sinking. I used to always dream of being in sinking boats/ships/dingies/etc., but I refused to get off these boats, and I ended up sinking peacefully into the water, over my head, until I could look up at the surface. In these dreams, it was always night. In this new dream, however, it was broad daylight, and very bright and sunny. This dream focused a lot on the temperature of the water- it was very cold, and had icebergs (possibly representing obstacles) that were not really a concern, definitely something that could be avoided. The water was also "too cold for sharks" in my mind, which seems to indicate that the temperature kept unseen predators away. It wasn't too cold for the friendly dolphins, however, which was a good thing, and they formed a protective circle around me. I am a firm believer that water represents emotions in dreams, so I think that this dream has something to do with my better ability to handle my emotional life- although I am still working on that ability, represented by my being a 'mechanic to my ship'. It may also be a warning that keeping my emotions cooler is a good thing, but that if it is too cold, I will freeze too. I am still a bit confused by the garbage and debris on the island we stopped at. Since Monica and I have gotten to be so close, I think that she was a guide to me in the dream, helping me realize what was important and what was not." Rowan

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2001 david mulhern



The first thing that I remember about the dream is that I was on a ship- it was large. Like a freight ship, or a tanker-type of ship. 

I was on the deck, looking out over the water we were moving through, which was a beautiful turquoise blue dotted with icebergs.

I looked behind me to see Monica steering the ship, and I asked her if we had to be careful not to hit the icebergs. She assured me that it didn't matter, we could always navigate around them.

Eventually, we came to this huge mass of ice that was flat and wide, but covered with mechanical debris- old garbage items, broken tv sets, wiring, etc. Monica told me that we would have to beach the boat upon this "island" in order to make repairs to it, and also because the water was too cold for us to be in for the long period of time when we would have to make repairs to the outside of the ship. 

So, we beached the ship up onto this island, and I was suddenly in the water, swimming by the icebergs. I think that I was going to swim over to the boat to fix something on it.

All of a sudden, there were dolphins swimming around me in a circle, and it was a happy feeling, but I was also a bit apprehensive, because I kept looking down into the clear blue water for sharks to be coming around also. Almost immediately after I thought about the sharks, I had another thought, something like, "Oh, no, the water is too cold for sharks", and then I calmed down. 

I can't remember if Monica was on the island or in the water with me, but she warned me that the water was too cold to swim in for long- but I didn't feel cold at all. The dolphins were still swimming around me, completely encircling me.

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Date: 7.31.01

Characters: monica and I

Locations: the antarctic

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