"I'm not going swimming... Every time I have this dream it never changes. And I wake up at the same point each time..." Midnight Star

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2001 david mulhern



I was walking in the woods. I was alone and feeling quite content. I came upon a beautiful lake. It sparkled like it was filled with diamonds. I couldn't resist a swim.

I removed most of my clothing and began to swim. The water felt soothing and I remember swimming under water... but I couldn't find my way back up.

I noticed, however, I was able to breath. I tried and tried but I was all mixed up.. I didn't know which way was up.

Then I noticed a bright light. Assuming it was the sky, I swam towards it. But when my head came out of the water I was underground.

The light didn't seem to have a source but off in the distance I could see a castle. It was lovely but there were no people. 

I seemed to be all alone as I walked toward the castle. I seem to feel the contentment that I had felt earlier.

As I reached the door it opened by itself. After entering, the door closed and I became terribly frightened.

Then I wake up...

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Date: recurring dream

Characters: Just me

Locations: a lake in the woods

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