"When I woke up, it took a minute to register that this was just a dream. Let me explain a few things. Trace and Jason were two roommates that we had last year. Sloppy does not begin to describe these two. They were pigs. Horribly dirty, everything they owned was anywhere in the house except their rooms. I was so angry in my dream because I didn't want to live with them ever again! I am a little confused about the Miatta. I said I knew I should have felt cramped, but I wasn't. This is strange to me. It must mean something, because it was such an intense feeling. I can only attribute it to the fact that my boyfriend broke up with me last year and even though it hurt, I realize now that I am happy about it. I think the car symbolizes the relationship. I didn't feel cramped because I knew it was over. (in this case, I knew the car ride would be over soon.) As for Josh working the concession stand, he works part time at a movie theater. It fits. I think he was angry because he saw me with Jason. in real life, he always hated Jason because he thought he liked me. The more I think about this dream, the more I understand it." Morrigan

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2001 david mulhern



I walked into my apartment to see Trace and Jason sitting on the couch in the living room. I was very angry that they were there. I asked my roommate Angie what they were doing there. She said that they had no place to go and were staying with us for the next three months. 

Lora and I were mad because Angie didn't ask us if it was okay. Our apartment was sloppy and Lora and I were very unhappy. I remember yelling and screaming at Jason and Trace to get out of my apartment but they wouldn't leave. 

The next day, Trace and Jason gave Lora and I Madonna concert tickets. (The tickets were the little red kind you'd get at a carnival or fair, not regu1ar concert tickets.) They wanted to make up for being so sloppy. So the next day, the four of us pile into Jason's two-seater Miatta. I remember thinking that I should have felt cramped since the car was so small, but I wasn't. 

The next thing I remember is being at the concert and Jason asking me to go get some beer with him. I went and my ex-boyfriend was working the concession stand. I remember him being very angry that I was there. He kept giving me dirty looks.

I remember being happy that he was mad and then I woke up.

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Date: 08.01.01

Characters: me, Lora, Angie, Jason, Trace, my ex-boyfriend Josh

Locations: my apartment, inside a car, and a Madonna concert

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