I always woke completely terrified, and usually ran and crawled into bed with my parents for comfort. Once, my dad told me after one of these dreams to "dream about happier things."

Directly after, I dreamt of running "Little house on the prairie" style through a field of flowers and never had that dream again. But I've dreamed the smell of fear. And it always invoked the same terrifying response.

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2001 david mulhern



Before the dream: My parents remodeled our home so that I our bedrooms were switched. Now, instead of them, I was the first room next to the back door. I'm sure this had something to do with the dream.

I dreamt I was laying in bed (in my old room.) I heard ticking on the tile of the hallway. A muffled heavy breathing. My dad's reliable snoring. Then a thump and a growl. I jumped up and threw off my pink coverlet. 

I was wearing my strawberry shortcake shirt. It matched the red carpet of my strawberry bedroom. 

I ran bare feet up the hallway toward the backdoor. I could smell something terrible. The smell was what fear would smell like if you could smell it. I was terrified, and I could sense fear all around me. My parents door was open and I could see inside. 

My dad was backed into a corner and three gray wolves were holding him at bay. There was blood on the bed, walls ...everywhere. Two wolves were fighting over what was left of my mom. 

My dad was fighting off the inevitable with a wooden Chinese backscratcher that my mom kept on the headboard. 

I saw them tearing into his leg and stomach, but he wasn't screaming or crying or anything. He just looked at me.

I try to distract the wolves so dad can get away and I wake just as they start to tear into my flesh.

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Date: Recurring in youth

Characters: My parents, some wolves, and I

Locations: at home

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