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2001 david mulhern



I was walking through a forest... it was winter... the air was so cold I could see my breath. It was night but I could see everything clearly because snow covered everything so it was very bright. Everything seemed blue. I couldn't see a patch of anything alive. Everything seemed frozen.

I was walking behind a group a people who were talking very loud and yelling at each other but in a friendly way. There was a little girl at the back of the group who was falling behind. 

She had long light brown hair and was only wearing a white nightgown and was barefoot. I was trying to catch up to her because the group had disappeared and she was alone but she kept running from me.

We seemed to run for a long time then she climbed over a wall that was about 3 feet high. As I got to the wall I could see on the other side a fast moving river but it was ice. It wasn't frozen solid... it was moving huge chunks of ice. 

As soon as I got over the wall I saw the little girl standing at the edge of the river, frozen. I was very afraid if I came any closer she would try to run away and end up in the river.

I was saying "come here your too close" 

She looked at me and she seemed so calm and said "I'm not close enough." Then she raised her arms out from her sides and let herself fall into the river of ice.

I began running along the river trying to keep up with her as she was being swept downstream but it was hard to keep up because the river was speeding so fast and I could feel my heart beating and this frantic sensation came over me because I knew she couldn't live in the cold water for long.

Then I came to a part of the river that was frozen solid. I was trying to look through the ice to find her but there was snow covering the ice so I got down on my hands and knees and brushed the snow away so I could see.

As I soon as I cleared a small area of ice I could see her looking up at me... She had the brightest blue eyes I have ever seen. She was still alive. I was trying to break the ice with my fists but it was too thick. She looked so calm... her eyes wide open. It looked almost like she could breath under the water. 

I picked up a rock to try to break the ice with but it was no use. Then I looked down and she was gone. 

I stood up and cried.

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Date: 06.21.01

Characters: myself and a girl

Location: a forest in winter

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