"the sets of pools that i saw at the end were the most beautiful pools i had ever seen. the water in them felt so inviting and clean..." John Mulhern

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2001 david mulhern



i was at an old folks home which felt like somewhere in florida. it had a muggy, dewy feel to it with palm trees and a partly cloudy blue sky. i was in the community pool which was in the center of the complex. 

all the one story apartments had their backyards with chain link fences facing it. there was really gross pond on the right side of it and a heated pool to the left of it. to the right of the pond there was a 3 foot wide path to the right of the pond which divided the pond and a canal (which was on the right side of the path). In the middle of the path there was a wood plank that was about 3 feet long and 3 feet wide.

i was walking along the path and i came to the board. i walked across it fine. i wasn't wearing shoes and i remember the path being wet and muddy.. i was on the other side. 

there was a chain link fence with an old persons backyard right in front of me so i decided to walk back. but this time when i crossed the board it wasn't steady and it slipped out from under me began to float down the mote. 

all these GIANT gold fish swam out from under the wood. there was at least thirty or forty and they were about 3 feet or so. 

well, i got wet and dragged my self on to the side of the path where the the chain link fence was. i was on the opposite side of where i wanted to go. i was stuck. even though it was only a 3 foot divide. 

the old people in the the house saw me and i remember hearing an old man say, "we will save you, but don't think you are out of trouble son" but as they were coming to the edge of the pond there was a wrinkle in the water. i thought it was a huge fish and became very frightened. it surfaced..

then i was standing on a pool deck completely dry and i told the old man that they should make 3 really nice swimming pools out of the pond. he kept saying he was glad that the pool they had worked. but i imaged it with three pools.

and it was the most beautiful and magnificent set of pools including waterfalls and hot tubs. it felt so real. then i woke up.

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Date: 07.28.01

Characters: old people, myself, little black boy

Locations: old folks home somewhere in florida

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