the wolves ate my parents
I ran bare feet up the hallway toward the backdoor. I could smell something terrible. The smell was what fear would smell like if you could smell it. I was terrified, and I could sense fear all around me. My parents door was open and I could see inside. 

My dad was backed into a corner and three gray wolves were holding him at bay. There was blood on the bed, walls ...everywhere.
Two wolves were fighting over what was left of my mom. 

I saw them tearing into his leg and stomach, but he wasn't screaming or crying or anything. He just looked at me...

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chicks by the boat
I saw her in a lake with 2 other nameless faceless girlfriends. They were wading near a boat, talking and having a good time. The girl wasn't wearing a top but she had her back turned to me the whole time.

I got in the water and I began to feel her up from behind. She didn't have any problem with me groping her for a few minutes. She wouldn't turn around though...

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From "Slide" by Aaron Villa

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